15 Signs You ARE The Best He’s Ever Had

It’s hard to know what guys are thinking. They are so bottled up and/or distant most of the time that reading them can be impossible. But not really because there are so many signs that reveal what men are thinking and you can see them if only you’re willing to open your eyes a bit wider. Once you focus on these little signs you’ll realize that it was pretty obvious all along. But you have to be ready to read the signs, ladies. We all want to know if we’re knocking our partner’s socks off and they all wanna know if they are rocking our world. Just like us, he’s not gonna come right out and say it or if he does it’s probably some overly dramatic ploy to get something he wants from you. But don’t think that you have to wait to hear it from the dog’s mouth, you can read him like a deck of Tarot cards to see what he really thinks about your bedroom game. Remember, these are only a few signs, there are many more; and not all of these apply to every guy. But if you’re wondering and can’t shake the question, have a look at some answers below that can settle your mind once and for all. And keep in mind, he’s probably wondering the same thing about you.

15. He’s gasped ‘I love you’ while in the heat of it

So you guys have only been seeing each other for a short while, you’ve barely spoken about how you truly feel. This is still the honeymoon phase, where everything is peachy, and you’re both wondering how the other one truly feels about the relationship. Then, while getting it on he whispers something like ‘I love you’, or ‘I love your body.’ You need to know that although this can freak you out at first, he’s expressing the fact that you are a total goddess in bed. Sometimes we can’t help what we say while getting down and dirty, especially when it is the best you’ve ever had. That feeling of pure bliss that we experience during intimacy can cause us to say some wild things, but if you’re hearing words that express love for you during nookie, you my dear are certainly the best he’s ever had!

14. You often hear him say’ that was the best ever’

This one is clear because you actually hear him saying ‘ that was the best ever’ or ‘that was amazing.’ The thing is, guys can say a lot of stuff while in the moment and we are guilty of that too but if he is constantly spitting out that your sex is the best ever, that means that he finds you incredible in bed. If he is complimenting your skills while in the moment, that’s because he truly finds it to be pleasurable. Some people just click when it comes to intimacy and others have to spend time finding out what the other likes. He’s thanking his lucky stars that he found someone that knows what she’s doing and can rock his world in bed. Enjoy the compliments and know that if he’s constantly making statements that express his happiness during the deed the guy is happy and very satisfied with your skills.

13. He serves you breakfast in bed the next morning

If he goes out of his was to make you breakfast in the morning, this is his way of thanking you for the amazing night the both of you shared. This also means that he’s into you or he wouldn’t be waking up early to cook up a meal for you. Guys don’t always express themselves the way we want but doing things like this is their way of showing you gratitude. And people don’t just make breakfast in bed for anyone.

If you are waking up to the smell of freshly cooked pancakes and a wonderful warm cup of coffee, your man is very much thankful for the nookie you had last night. This is also his way of making you more comfortable in his space or when spending the night with him. He is trying to make sure your needs are all met because…you certainly met his needs last night!

12. He Really Spoils you

Out of the blue, he’s all like, Let me give you a massage. And you’re like, Hell yeah, let’s get this show on the road. He might even offer to give you a pedicure or help you wash your hair. Other ways he might try to spoil you is by simply giving you his jacket when you’re cold or being willing to do whatever you want. If this describes how he’s behaving then just know that he’s trying to find ways to show you that he cares and appreciates you. While these are typically serious boyfriend things, if the guy you’re seeing starts doing these things, he’s either a keeper or he’s trying to keep you interested to get you back into bed. Either way, you’re in a win-win situation, so why not accept every single offer he throws your way. See how far it goes. But enjoy yourself, you never know when all that good stuff will go. If you’re lucky, the spoiling and sexing will go on forever.

11. He Begs to see you

Okay, maybe he doesn’t beg, necessarily, but hey, maybe he does. That’s neither here nor there. The point is, he’s seeking you out, he’s hunting you down –he’s in the mood for some late night fun. He wants to be around you all the time. If he’s adamant about seeing you, even at a last minute request, chances are he’s hooked on you. Either that or he’s a psycho who’s a control freak who could be dangerous. Be careful, girl, it’s a crazy world. But if he’s like really into seeing you more than the average guy or all your other guys, you’re doing something right and he wants more of it. Guys tend to play the cool card and the waiting game and do all other sorts of tricks, but when he puts his guard down and straight up requests to see you, you’ve got that good stuff.

10. He Sets the mood

If he invites you over and you see the bedroom all decked out in candles and flowers and any other bedroom stuff you two might be into and there’s no meal prepared, this man has one thing on his mind –having you for dinner and dessert. It’s one thing to plan a romantic dinner for two, but when the dinner is nowhere to be found, this guy’s got it bad. He’s taken the time to purchase these items and then arrange them according to his aesthetics, that means he’s take the time to think about how to get you back into his boudoir. Again, we could be teetering on the line of falling in love, but if there is no food to be found, this man just wants some more of that good loving you got. Go ahead, if you’re willing, give it up.

9. He Asks you about your skills

When it comes to learning about things, guys are not shy. In a classroom, it’s usually the guys who raise their hands to ask questions or inquire about how something works –they are, so it seems, by nature inquisitive. We are too but we like to try and figure it out on our own. The point is, if a guy’s interested in something, he’ll more than likely speak up about it. So if he asks where you learned such and such skill or how you do that thing you do, he’s really into you and your abilities. Not only is he curious, but he’s taking notes, so basically, you’re the teacher. It’s not every day you can say you taught a sex-ed class and had excellent results. Teach him a thing or two, answer his questions, or even give him a step-by-step lesson he’ll never forget.

He might even ask for your moves. If he asks for specific moves, then you know this man’s mind is on one thing and one thing only –your behind. If he’s got names for your moves, as though he’s contemplated them several times, alone in his room, then this guy is treading down addict alley. No harm, no foul. As long as you find all of this flattering and no one’s getting hurt physically, mentally, or emotionally. Let him ask for your sugar and let that stay with you for a good long while. You will cherish this moment when you’re old and grey one day, reminiscing on that young boy toy who was head over heels for all your bedroom ways.

8. Cancels other plans just to see you

He might have had planned some things, like a guy’s night out or a family get-together or any number of things, but the minute you say you’re gonna be at such and such place at such and such time, should you be so bold as to give such personal information, and he shows up, he’s flipped the script on everything. He’s been dying to see you, that’s evident. But as of yet, the reasons cannot be determined. Again, we keep riding that fine line between life-shattering bedroom time or something more serious or sinister. Only you can distinguish between them all, but just know that this boy is holding onto your every word and your every breath. Come on, he’s where you are right now because you said you’d be there; he bailed on guy’s night out. There is something he wants from you, without a doubt.

7. He Bounces if you text

You text saying something like, Chilling at home, not doing much, kinda bored, but whatever. And he texts back something like, I’ll be in there in 30. Whatever he was doing, if he was doing anything at all, was not important enough for him, not when you showed up talking about I got nothing to do. He’s about to give you something to do, girl. That boy, for all you know, might have been hanging around waiting and praying and wishing on a star that you’d reach out to him. And you did, so there he is, on his way over to your place. This is one of the clearest sings of a guy’s adoration, he literally drops everything to hang out with you. Bailing on whatever plans he has, no matter what they are, to be with you because you’re not doing much shows loyalty and it’s quite endearing, really. But you’ll know if it’s the sex if all this is happening late night.

6. He Calls you before you call him

No one calls anymore these days, but maybe he does call you because he wants to hear your voice, that also means he’s into you, like a lot. Texting is detached and cold. He’s wanting a piece of you and that can be as simple as hearing your voice. Our voice does increase arousal in men, hence all the sex-hotlines from the 80s and 90s. Your voice excites him. He might even be calling because he wants to, well you know, have a little phone session with you. People don’t do those things anymore, but he’s willing to do it with you. That means you’ve got this man in the palm of your hand. He could be, if you were into that sort of thing, a good submissive candidate were you into being a dominatrix. All in all, he’s just looking to get more of you and really you can’t fault him for that.

5. He Actually Stays over

Instead of bouncing after nookie, he’s decided to stick around and hang out with you. And if after an hour or so things start to rise again, you know he wanted to stay for round number two or perhaps number three. So intent on getting more action from his visit, he’s planned to have a second go even before he arrived. He can’t get enough, enough isn’t enough, not even close. This guy is bonkers for your booty and you should feel lucky. If he falls asleep, he could have just wanted to crash, but if in the morning he’s up and ready to go, that could also be another indicator that what you’ve got is what he wants. Remember, men can’t have another go so readily or quickly as us gals, so a guy who’s raring to go is really into you.

4. He Loves Cuddles

It’s one thing to stay the night, but another thing to cuddle. Cuddling creates a bond and while it doesn’t always create a serious bond, it’s the physical bond that’s the focal point. When we cuddle, we are saying, your body feels nice against my body and I like your pheromones. Cuddling isn’t just something couples do, it’s part of the mating and courting ritual, we really love to be all snuggled up to someone, especially after sharing our bodies that way. Even some animals cuddle after sex to strengthen the bond. If he’s not just staying over, but wants to get all intimate with you, he’s probably under your spell, darling. His desires to get closer to you come in the form of cuddles which will probably turn into something else should the chemistry be strong enough and the time be right.

3. He Says your name

Using names reinforces our memories, but it also can indicate that the person is really into you. If he uses your name more than the average person, he’s into you –period. If he says your name without much else after it, he’s into you. If he says your name in the bedroom, he’s way into you and really into what you’re doing. Your name is your identity and by calling your name, he’s making your identity more powerful and giving himself over to your wills and desires, should you have any. This is his way of trying to really connect with you. By using your name in the bedroom, he’s telling you that he’s thinking about you predominately if not one hundred percent. If that doesn’t tell you that you’re doing something right in the bedroom, I don’t know what else does.

2. He Buys you nice things

While material things are just that, material things, we are still caught up in the trap that they mean something. And they do. Giving tangible gifts has been a part of our society for centuries; it’s a way to demonstrate how we feel if, perhaps, our words are not enough or we aren’t so skilled with verbal communication. Buying things, especially if there is not a special occasion, is a sign that someone is sprung for your bedroom game. It is always nice to get a gift especially when the gift is thoughtful or out of the blue. Again, it could be something deeper, but if these sorts of behaviors come about shortly after you two have done the deed, you can be pretty sure that’s his way of complimenting you. Also, if he’s buying you bedroom toys, he’s asking for more of your good stuff, girl.

1. He Cries

This may be one of the most extreme expressions that will tell you that he’s more than impressed with your bedroom skills. It’s been known to happen. Well, mostly women have been known to cry in the bedroom; for several reasons I won’t get into here because that’s for a different time, but feel free to Google it. Men also cry in the bedroom; of course, there can be several reasons and emotions involved, but the one we want to focus on here is joy. We cry out of joy. We cry out of happiness. When something is just so damn good and words aren’t enough we cry. So if there has been no whips or chains or any rough play and he cries afterwards, this guy feels very strongly about what you two do in the bedroom. It’s a huge compliment, really, and you should feel privileged to have experienced something so rare in this lifetime.

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