9 Thank You’s to My Cousin Who’s Been My Bestie Since Diapers

You were the sister I never had. Growing up we definitely bullied each other but look at us now! Close as could be.

Reflecting on it now, I realize there’s a lot of things that I never had the chance to thank you for.

1. Gossiping with me about things only family would understand.

“My mom told me not to tell anyone so don’t tell your mom, but you’ll never believe this…”

2. Listening to me always and being the rock I needed. 

You paid attention to me when I felt like no one else would, and you were always there. Every time we hung up I would feel so much better, all thanks to you.

3. You just like… get me.

We’re family, I’m not sure if it has to do with how close we were growing up, but we are so much alike. You understand how I think and how I act. I never had to feel alone because you just get me.

4. I could always count on you to tell me ‘I don’t like your boyfriend’ or ‘you need to wash your hair’

Sure, you can be borderline rude but only in the best ways. You know I can’t see the back of my head when my hair is so greasy you can basically see my scalp, so thank you for pointing it out in the best way you could.

5. You are my safe place. Always. 

I could always come to you for anything without fearing that you’d judge me for it.

6. Putting up with me when I’m a little bitchy pain in the ass.

I probably annoy the crap out of you with my constant snap chats and blowing up your phone when I’m annoyed, but you don’t seem to care. Or at least don’t show it…

7. You are a total and complete weirdo… but so am I. 

From all of the strange inside jokes and laughs that nobody else understood, I am so glad to have had someone just as strange as me.

Thank God you’re not normal….what is that anyway?

8. You genuinely care about me and that is all I need in this life.

You always had my best interest at heart. You watched me make my own mistakes, and better yet, allowed me to make them because you know that I’m hard headed and wouldn’t listen.

You made your suggestions, but were never pushy. And when things went sour, you were there to pick up the pieces every time I was broken. Every single time.

9. Thank you for just being you!

You’re a beautiful soul who has taught me so much about life. You have shown me what it’s like to have a true friend, and why anything less than that should never be accepted.

I am so proud to call you my family. Through the good times and the bad, the hours we’ve spent just talking about everything under the sun, the laughs, the tears, the happiness, the sadness, the anger; we’ve always had each other.

I love you so much, I am who I am because of you. Thank you.

By Kady Turcol for PuckerMob

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