There’s No Shame in Being a Twenty-Something Grandma

In your twenties you’re supposed to look forward to going out to the hot clubs, staying out til the sun comes up, and meeting new people every day.

However, this is not the case for every twenty-something. These are the things that happen when you are the “grandma of your friend group.

1. Making plans is the last thing you think about   

Come Friday, most millennials have two things on their mind: the drinks they will be having and where they will be having those drinks.

But when you are the grandma of the group the only thing you can think about is how fast you’ll be able to get home.

2. Getting called a grandma happens daily 

This has just become an expectation when you inform someone of your evening plans. Either you’ve learned to tune it out or embrace the nickname.

3. Daydreaming consists of your bed and your bed only 

This number needs no further explanation, except maybe that dream also has a glass of wine or a pint of ice cream involved.

4. You make pro and con lists when invited out anywhere 

Pros usually consist of: socialization, looking halfway decent, bar food, and sometimes free drinks.

Cons usually consist of: having to put pants on.

And coming from a grandma myself, the cons almost always outweigh the pros.

5. You’ve mastered making up excuses on the spot 

Because your con list will more than likely outweigh your pro lists, you have become the master of excuses ranging from the good to bad and everything in between.

It’s actually quite impressive how fast some grandmas can make up an excuse involving their pet.

6. Your friends know not to text or call past a certain hour 

Because lets be real, they aren’t going to get a reply after 10pm.

7. FOMO is very real 

Although all these things are very true, the fear of missing out still exists. You question if you made the right decision while you watch your friend’s snap chat stories.

But in the end, you know you made the correct choice of staying in with pizza and re-watching your favorite TV show series for the third time.

Overall, there is nothing wrong with being in tune with your inner grandma. The lifestyle is cheaper, more comfortable and more satisfying.

By Veronica for PuckerMob

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